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"Nothing is ever wasted"

Hi there, I'm Rosie

Little did I know then that my suffering was to be my gift to awaken me to a life of peace and joy. I gained self-respect and an appreciation for my self-worth and began a life of self-honouring, learning to be kinder to myself in order to be kind to others.

As you can imagine, that was at odds with my conditioned neural pathways as I had only known life to be about self-sacrificing, and I had become a perfect example of martyrdom. How did that serve me? It created a huge level of resentment, frustration and self-loathing. I needed to compare myself to those around me and try to measure up to the standards that I felt imposed on a life of perfection and responsibility.

I had always struggled with the idea that my ability to love another person depends on my ability to love myself. So, I began the journey to discover what self-love and honouring means and found how freedom and liberation gave my
life meaning and purpose.


My purpose became clear...

I spent much time, money and energy on self-development to discover who I was. In 2014, I became a mentor using PTM (Pathways To Mindfulness, formerly known as EAP) programs. I found a new way of engaging in life through awareness, not needing discipline or willpower to change neural pathways, but instead learning to become an observer and using mindfulness to engage in kinder choices. I later added a personality typing called the Enneagram that complimented my self-discovery approach to personal growth.

I love that I now feel such fulfilment and purpose as I mentor others to find their ‘gold’ by guiding others to engage in their transformative journey. I now guide many local, national, and international clients to begin changing the old patterns that no longer serve them, allowing them to be gentle with themselves and make loving choices as they navigate life.

I decided not to throw the baby out with the bath water but to use it to find a wholesome and effortless way of living that no longer needed to be led by fear but to embrace LOVE as a new way of being. Then, my dear one, I began to see why I first had to learn how to love myself so that I can walk this journey with you, gently, wherever you are. This allows me to hold space for you as you become more aware of who you are and, what motivates all your decisions, what keeps you in pain, and what can set you free.

“I was placed in this universe to love you, and I don’t take something that important lightly.” A. R. Asher 

"Working with Rosie has given me so much clarity and understanding of who I am and knowing I am able to make a choice that best serves me is so uplifting.

I am more self loving which in turn helps those around me"

R. Borchardt, QLD Australia

"Do it! The fact that you are even considering it, is the beginning to your journey.

Give yourself permission to nurture the strength you already have within."

K.H, Maroochydore Australia

"I am more able to find centre and the strength of standing in my own truth; no longer as easily swayed by the opinions and influences of others.

I now can see the ‘gold’ in my past experiences and new challenges. I am at peace."

R.L, Red Deer, Canada

"Rosie Rasmussen is a master facilitor of incredible transformation in her clients lives. Her awareness mentoring is full of love, understanding and empathy. Through the process she skillfully enables her clients to pick up the puzzle pieces of life and arrange them in much more self-honouring ways. The course material (PTM) itself is ingenious. Mix in Rosie and you have the perfect recipe for leaving behind all that you don’t like about yourself and discovering the joy that life can be.

I thank her from the bottom of my heart for what she is helping me become. You will too".

Adam Robertson, QLD Australia