Self-Forgiveness is Essential to Move Forward.

forgiveness mindfulness self-awareness Apr 04, 2024

‘It is easy for me to be self-forgiving.’

This is one of the statements in the Pathways To Mindfulness program. It is also one of the statements that most people cannot relate to at all. It holds many back from living a peaceful life.

Have you lived a perfect life without mistakes, lessons, triumphs, failures, or disappointments?

Unfortunately, this is how we evolve, grow, and learn what we are not to become who we are or want to be. There is no way in which we can escape these parts of life's experiences. It is what we do with it to move forward that counts.

Imagine seeing the lessons without the emotional attachment and pain for yourself or those you hurt. Can you see the gold? You can take it and add it to your wisdom box. Now, could you look at the experience through the eyes of the observer?

If someone you loved did the same, would you see it as bad behaviour, thought, or action? Or would you continually beat them up? Did you know any difference at the time, or was it a foolish moment in your many moments of life?

How many more of these moments of your life do you plan to use to continually beat yourself up about something that you can’t change? Even if your choices have impacted others. It is time to make peace with it and move forward with your new wisdom. Making peace with it may entail asking for forgiveness from those you hurt, taking ownership and taking things to the law if it involves the law. Whatever needs to be set right to set another free from the pain you have caused. Making things right with others must be treaded lightly as you can’t force others to forgive you. Doing what you can to show your ownership will go a long way in helping them get to a place of forgiveness.

If you give those experiences a whole new perspective and be gentle with yourself, you can learn the lesson, move on with a whole new understanding of it and see that it is not serving you or others to hold on to it. You can now have compassion for those you see making those same choices without judgment. Now, you understand this personally; therefore, you can have empathy and compassion. That may be what the lesson is for to understand another. You may have even judged others who have experienced the same thing in the past.

That is getting your GOLD by turning the experience around.

We all have had something we aren’t proud of at some point. How is it still serving yourself or other loved ones to continually beat yourself up about it?

The moment you become grateful for that experience is when the lesson has been learnt, and the natural healing is done.

It's up to you to work on being happy and finding joy. Make this a priority over someone else’s belief of ‘rightness’. It is your responsibility to embrace finding your place of inner peace. That can’t be given to another to do on your behalf, nor should you keep inner peace at a distance because you don’t think you deserve it.

Take a moment to see and value yourself enough to do what needs to be done to be kinder to yourself. This will lead you into a life well lived regardless of your past.

Every mistake is a message. Don’t miss the message because you are too busy beating yourself up for mistakes and failures.

Darling soul, be gentle with yourself and shine your light brightly!

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